30 sept.| Maison de la Villette | 8.00 pm > 4.00 am | Fees 8€-10€
>> Electro Freaks
A deeply international program with sonic wood experiments, interactive screening, horror pictures show, performances, DJ’s, aliens and others freaks. Between artistic psychodrama and musical arena, the public is warmed up until very late at night.

+ Exhibition « Territoires intimes » : permanent installations and performances
Les spectacles / performances :
Chris Hales + Teijo Pellinen / Cause and Effect [ GB + FI ]
Interactive Cinema
Cause and Effect is a hybrid performance concept, containing 45 minutes of interactive films from Finland....more
The Owl Project [Simon Blackmore, Antony Hall] / Log1K [ GB ]
The Owl Project – a musical UFO coming straight from Manchester – revisits the electro live with its rather unusual instruments: wood logs turned into real laptops....more
Eva revox / [ FR ]
Electronic Dj set
Enigmatic Eva Revox founded the Fiasco*System nights in which he regularly performs. He is a dilettante Precog exiled from planet Xenon and is here on Earth to explore the musical heritage of the Homo sapiens…...more
Grabba Grabba Tape [label Gssh Gssh] / [ ESP ]
Live Electro
Set up in 2004, the long-silky furred and acrylic pink skinned Grabba Grabba Tape duo (drums & synthetiser/vocoder) comes from Madrid…...more
Tim Sweeney (Beats in Space/DFA) / [ USA ]
DJ set
Enthusiastic protagonist of Big Apple’s nights and visionary Dj initiated by his mentors Coldcut and Steinski before being affiliated to DFA and Gomma labels, Tim Sweeney has been animating for several years in New York a radio show mixed live that had be...more

L’exposition « Territoires intimes » : installations et performances permanentes :
Peter Keene + Piet.so / Biosphères [ GB + FR ]
A bio-sound installation
A plant? It’s an ultra sensitive biochemical network that could be made to sing, hoot, shout, and that with only a few well located captors and adequate stimuli...more
Julien Dorra / Ex/timité Ex/primable [ FR ]Dédale's incubator for artistic and cultural projects
Installation performance
Or how to abandon one's deepest intimacy to a mediatic re-reading of the body...more
Cyberniklas [Niklas Roy] / Graphic Demo [ ALL ]
Interactive installation
Cyberniklas plays on the different levels of perceiving reality with Graphic demo, a rather unusual object that is made part of one ancestor of computers...more
Interactive scenographic installation
Collective art group Ultima Necat has isolated one interactive scenographic installation from its surreal spectacle entitled Les dieux appellent ça des boulons which tells of the adventures of two chickens clashing...more
In Ouïr [Thierry Madiot / Pascal Battus] / Massages sonores [ FR ]
Mini acousmatic concert for one
It’s nothing but a matter of trust! For the spectator is to let sound specialists dive into him (or her) thanks to never-ever-heard sound waves that still sound somewhat familiar...more
Joëlle Bitton / Passages (sous réserve) [ FR ]Networked Installation / Point à Point
Networked installation between Paris and Strasbourg
Passages is an interactive installation that links people from different cities in quite an intimate manner…...more
Lynn Pook + Julien Clauss / Pause [ ALL/FR ]Dédale's incubator for artistic and cultural projects
An intimist sound & touch arrangement for five
What if skin had ears too?...more
Bertrand Manuel [CRIPP-IUT de Cachan] / RX90, adoptez un robot [ FR ]Dédale's incubator for artistic and cultural projects
Robotic installation
Has no one ever dreamed of adopting a robot?...more
La Kitchen + Chabalab + Eléonore Hellio - La Boîte blanche + XLRMX / Selfworld - Apparent sensory perception [ FR ]Networked Installation / Point à Point
Networked installation between Paris, Strasbourg and Aix-en-Provence
As part of an ecosystem that joins together humans (individuals, groups, and crowds) and their activity (architecture, networks, physiology, and fantasies), the network spreads over three festivals: Emergences (Paris), Les Nuits Electroniques de l’Ososphè...more
Marcel.li Antunez Roca / Tantal [ ESP ]Dédale's incubator for artistic and cultural projects
Interactive installation
An interactive work developed from the concept used —until the mid 20th century— by street photographers who enraptured passers-by in offering them to put their face through a cut-out hole in a painted canvass, bringing them into a different world...more
Hicham Benohoud / Veuillez crier s'il vous plaît [ MA ]
Interactive installation
Is it a torture room? A place where to get things out of one’s system? What’s hidden in the locked room from which strange screams are heard?...more
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