Through its workshops and conferences, Emergences is turning itself into an exploration of artistic challenges linked to the use of new technologies. This year, Emergences deals more particularly with the issue of new formats and news territories of artistic creation : mobile phones, artistic interventions in urban space by means of mobile and wireless technologies, networked artistic creations…

Ars Longa | 24 sept. + 26 sept. + 27 sept. + 28 sept. | Free on registration
>>Workshops « Club temps réel »

Within the frame of the Emergences Festival, Dédale and Ars Longa are setting up a series of workshops exploring real time and more particularly the Max/msp software – a visual environment for programming real time interactive applications which was developed by the IRCAM...More

Confluences | 25 sept. | 5.00 pm > 12.00 pm | Free
>>Chantiers artistiques

Artists and collective art groups will show their ongoing works to the public and to professionals (interactive immersion environments, real-time digital devices, interactive design and virtual architecture, captors and distance interactive systems, net art, virtual reality applied to performing arts and performances, mobil’art, etc.)...More

Ircam (room Igor Strasvinsky) | 29 sept. | 2.30 pm > 5.30 pm | Free
>>Conference “Nouveaux formats, nouveaux territoires de l’art”

The conference is a partnership between the Festival Emergences in Paris and the Nuits électroniques de l’Ososphère in Strasbourg ...More

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