Ultima Necat
Les dieux appellent ça des boulons / Corner Ostermeier

>Interactive scenographic installation

>From 29 sept. to 1th oct. | Maison de la Villette | 8.00 pm – 1.00 am

Collective art group Ultima Necat has isolated one interactive scenographic installation from its surreal spectacle entitled Les dieux appellent ça des boulons which tells of the adventures of two chickens clashing with the industrial breeding of poultry. The interactive scenographic installation quite well reveals the group’s artistic world: the Ostermeier corner and a round-shaped podium on which are found: an exercise bike, an armchair, and a TV broadcasting a slapstick subjected to the pedalling speed of the user.
Ultima Necat is a collective art group that has been developed by actors and playwrights Renaud Chauré and Gaël Leveugle since 2003. The group gathers several artists all investigating specific fields related to performing arts.

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