In Ouïr [Thierry Madiot / Pascal Battus]
Massages sonores

>Mini acousmatic concert for one

>booking required

It’s nothing but a matter of trust! For the spectator is to let sound specialists dive into him (or her) thanks to never-ever-heard sound waves that still sound somewhat familiar.
Hardly audible acoustic sounds — derived from everyday life objects — are played by a musician as close as possible to — if not literally inside — the hearer’s ear, thus radically upsetting his (or her) spatial and inner hearing. Abolishing distances and entering the intimacy of the skull lead to building the layers of a miscroscope, and can only encourage self-abandon. This mini acousmatic concert — about seven minutes long — is performed live, and enables the hearer’s awakening to a new life of sounds.
The In Ouïr association was founded in 1997 by Thierry Madiot, Jean-Paul Martin and Li-Ping Ting ; it supports various mutlidisciplinary and experimental productions, mostly related to improvised music and action art, in partnership with Michel Vogel, Seijiro Murayama, Pascal Battus, etc.

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