Chris Hales + Teijo Pellinen
Cause and Effect

>Interactive Cinema

>30 sept. | Maison de la Villette | 9.30 pm | 75 min

Cause and Effect is a hybrid performance concept, containing 45 minutes of interactive films from Finland. Being active is what it takes: as screaming, chewing sweets, singing soprano, or answering the microphone have a truly decisive impact on the evolution of the situation —similarly to those audience shouts warning the actors of the oncoming danger in a horror film. To be shown: eight experimental short-length movies —"directed" by the audience— and covering various genres such as video art, music, fiction, horror or documentary.
The audience are to be encouraged by two enthusiastic stage presenters: Chris Hales (SMARTLAB, Central St Martins College of Art, Londres) and Teijo Pellinen (Medialab, University of Art and Design, Helsinki).

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