Antunez Roca

>Interactive installation

>From 29 sept. to 1th oct. | Maison de la Villette | 8.00 pm – 1.00 am

An interactive work developed from the concept used —until the mid 20th century— by street photographers who enraptured passers-by in offering them to put their face through a cut-out hole in a painted canvass, bringing them into a diffferent world. Thanks to the mutlimedia means Marcel Li Antunez Roca possesses, visitors are now captured into an animated interactive fiction.
Faces are real-time captured, inserted in the work and finally made part of a fantasmagorical, baroque and virtual world. The processed images plunge visitors into fictional situations and offer them the possibility to fully and intimately experience the onscreen story.
Production : Festival @rt oustiders / Maison européenne de la photographie et Panspermia
Crédits : Direction, graphique et corps virtuel: Marcel·lí Antunez / direction, animation and sound: Miguel Rubio / technical director : Oriol Ibáñez / Software POL v 24: Jesús de la Calle / electronic : Héctor López / Interface: Alex Reig et Masters, Gommer / Programmation Flash: Sergi Porter / graphic designers : Marcos Àlvarez, Anna Paretas, Roger la Puerta, Amalia Ortells, Markus, Salvador Cuellar, Pamela Martínez.

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