Julien Dorra
Ex/timité Ex/primable

>Installation performance

>From 29 sept. to 1th oct. | Maison de la Villette | 8.00 pm – 1.00 am

Or how to abandon one's deepest intimacy to a mediatic re-reading of the body
.Julien Dorra is leaving a handheld scanner in a secret cabin: in this intimate and shimmering atmosphere —safe from anyone's eyes— the spectator may digitalise one part of his or her body. It is for him or her to strip naked, to choose a few square centimeters of flesh and to finally disclose it for it to be immediately artistically processed on a large scale. Absolute extimacy.

In September 2004, the first edition of Ex/timité Ex/primable resulted in a strip measuring more than 40m long and 1.50m large. What it really revealed though was that in an era obsessed by everone's control over one's image, it is quite pleasant to let intimate images drift away, and to be willingly powerless to stop their progression.
Julien Dorra is a plastic artist, keen on any means linked with images and more particularly those of the body : interactive DVD video portraits, digitalised scars, pornographic studies on digital video, etc; a large scale of multimedia artworks related to the endless shaping of the body and its memory.
With material support of LDLC.com

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