Grabba Grabba Tape [label Gssh Gssh]

>Live Electro

> 30 sept. | Maison de la Villette | 8.30 pm | 35 min

Set up in 2004, the long-silky furred and acrylic pink skinned Grabba Grabba Tape duo (drums & synthetiser/vocoder) comes from Madrid and innovatively creates spontaneous music that combines noise and synthetic pop. Their inspiration dwells between Devo, the Residents, Daft Punk, Minor Threat and Lightning Bolt, yet never resembling any of these. They played along bands such as Georges Leningrad, Outhud, Erase Errata, Chinese Stars, Polysics, or Dirtbombs. Their only wish is to be fed, cherished and cuddled like any real furry. They founded Gssh Gssh, their own label, in 2001, which reveals a tremendously creative rock scene. Recommended!

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