Bertrand Manuel [CRIPP-IUT de Cachan]
RX90, adoptez un robot

>Robotic installation

>From 29 sept. to 1th oct. | Maison de la Villette | 8.00 pm – 1.00 am

Has no one ever dreamed of adopting a robot? RX90 is one of the most efficient of its generation. It is endowed with a visual sharpness that enables him to recognise and to reproduce shapes. It is fast and extremely precise and can catch ˜ with its human-like arm ˜ any object located in a one metre area in one tenth of a second. With its interchangeable hands it can perform tasks that require extreme precision.
As a specialised working device in car assembling lines it worked as a guinea pig for the CRIIP (Centre de Recherche pour l'Innovation Industrielle et Pédagogique). RX90 is now expecting to be adopted and hopes to be introduced to digital arts.
The robot will be shown during the festival as it initiated from a call for project issued by the D-lab (cf.PX) and the CRIIP (Centre de Recherche pour l'Innovation Industrielle et Pédagogique) as part of Dédale’s artistic residency programme dedicated to AI and robotics.

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