Arno Coenen
Transformer di Roboter

>VJ live

>1th oct. Nuit Blanche | Maison de la Villette | 12.30 pm | 75 min

Transformer di Roboter is a famous duo from Berlin, composed of Johannes Malfatti and Alex Kloster, and whose name comes from an Italian toy from the eighties. Emerging from the metal culture, the duo is still keen on innocent pop songs and likewise clings on to powerful electro sounds – furious and efficient ones that come straight from video games and cartoons. Pantera vs George Michael or even Metallica against Lio: Transformer di Roboter offers listeners atomic lives in which heavy metal, pop, electro(nica), or even italo disco all mixed together; the hits from the eighties or nineties are transformed and brought back to life. Parallel to that, media artist Arno Coenen offers a mix of 3-D animations displaying a fierce irony.

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