Ludik - Pétahertz
Pas du tout

>Multimedia performance

>29 sept. | Maison de la Villette | 8.30 pm | 25 min

Love aphasia is the starting point of this astonishing experimental show, set at the borderline between new media, dance, and drama. Inside a couple's flat, the household devices are quite peculiar : the washing machine unravels the mind strings, the fridge acts as a talking bicycle, the TV is a tanning lamps and the plates are chatter boxes. Locked in its everyday life the couple faces difficulties to cummunicate. "What if it were possible to speak with one's body? What if a word corresponded to each gesture?" Pas du Tout explores these issues with the help of the multimedia technology, and humorously creates a new language "uttered" by the couple which do not find the words to say "I love you". They will end up literally speaking with their bodies, and inventing an unusual choreographic expression of their own.
The Ludik collective artgroup was founded in 1999 by Stéfane Perraud and Caroline Dietler with the aim of promoting young creation.
With Caroline Breton et Walter N’guyen : performers / Stéfane Perraud : dancers / Salvatore Stara et Flora Sans : creator / Julien Peissel : scenography / Vincent Roudault : electronic + software / Môh : light / David Krutten : sound / Astrid Walter : costumes / Christina Twole : choreographer / Matisse et Hérold : scenography / Caroline Dietler : Communication

With support of : DICRéAM et de la SCAM.
With technological support of : WiSe boxe de l’Ircam

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