Gameboyzz Orchestra

>Performance / Micromusic Live

>29 sept. | 11.30 pm | 50 min & 1th oct. Nuit Blanche | Maison de la Villette | 50 min

Poland’s most famous collective micromusic art group is performing a rocking live session improvised on old Game Boys; visitors are taken back to the eighties and to the first 8-bit video games to experience something exceptional in terms of sight and sound.

To add up to the multi-player concert — for which creativity is enhanced by the limits of the device —, cult video games will be shown onscreen amid smoke and light effects.

Since 2001 the project has travelled through major digital art festivals and is supported by the WRO Center for Media Art (Wroclaw / Poland).
With the support of WRO Center for Media Art (Wroclaw, Pologne)

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